AMS addresses compassion and AI in the age of COVID-19

April 22, 2020

The AMS community has championed compassionate care in a technological world for some time, none more important than in the face of today’s pandemic. We are very proud of the leadership our Board Members, our Fellows and all of our colleagues are demonstrating during these challenging times. Here are some of their exceptional contributions:


Hannah Chair and AMS Board Member Shelley McKellar contributes a historical perspective in this London Free Press article. Londoners’ social lives are reopening again. Is that a good thing?





AMS Fellow, Dr. Javeed Sukhera is conducting a study exploring resident physicians perceptions of structural stigma and moral distress during the COVID19 pandemic in Canada. Do you work as faculty involved in teaching residents during the #COVID19 pandemic in Canada? You can fill out the survey here.




AMS Fellow Dr. Ed Spilg is one of the Scientists from partnering hospitals in Ontario and Québec launching a study on the psychological, social, and financial impacts of COVID-19. You can fill out the survey here.





Future AMS Board Member Dr. Kumanan Wilson writes for the Toronto Star The Big Debate: Should those with Immunity Get a Covid-19 Digital Passport?




AMS Board Chair Dr. Nick Busing writes for the Ottawa Citizen: This is the time to talk about your health care and end-of-life wishes





AMS Board Member Colleen Flood appears on The Agenda discussing Civil Liberty vs. Security in a Pandemic




AMS Phoenix Fellow Dr. James Downar appeared on The Agenda, speaking on his role leading the creation of the Last Resort Guidelines and Deciding Who Lives: Ethics of a Pandemic .




AMS Phoenix Fellow Dr. Seema Marwaha, Editor-in-Chief of photo-journalism website has launched Faces of Covid sharing stories of front line healthcare workers working through the Covid-19 pandemic.





AMS Board Member Colleen Flood and Future AMS Board Member Dr. Kumana Wilson conducted a webinar entitled

Science + Policy: Our Response and Next Steps to COVID-19




Colleen Flood AMS Board Member


AMS Board Member Colleen Flood appeared on CBC Radio Ottawa Morning with Robyn Bresnahan discussing The Future of Long Term care.




Compassionate Care in a Technological World Initiative

The following briefing documents are part of a series of reports sponsored by AMS Healthcare. The goal of these reports is to inform health professionals, educators, patients, families, caregivers
and leaders about the opportunities and challenges of emerging health technologies.

The AMS Compassionate Care in a Technological World Initiative focuses on: (1) promoting the education and practice of compassionate care; (2) fostering new delivery models of compassionate care; and (3) facilitating the leadership needed to realize the promise of technology, while safeguarding humanistic care in our rapidly evolving healthcare system.


Empowering Patients and Caregivers in the Era of Digital Health: A Briefing Document

This briefing paper illuminates the implications of health technologies, considers the risks and benefits of given interventions, and the larger cultural changes that will enable the widespread implementation of digital health technologies. Prepared by: Melissa McCradden, PhD MHSc(c)


Nursing and Compassionate Care in a Technological World

This briefing paper, examines the future of nursing with the adoption of increasingly sophisticated technologies, such as those supported by artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, automation, and robotics. Written by: Gillian Strudwick RN, PhD; David Wiljer PhD; Fiona Inglis MA, MI


The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Clinical Judgement

This briefing paper considers how AI technologies are likely to affect physicians’ clinical
judgment. It explores several facets of this impact with specific attention to how AI may impact
clinical care and the patient-physician relationship, in addition to its implications for medical
education and the training of physicians in clinical environments. Prepared by: Benjamin Chin-Yee MD, MA and Ross Upshur, BA(Hons.), MA, MD, MSc, CCFP, FRCPC


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Potential Impacts on the Practice of Family Medicine: A Briefing Document

This briefing paper is premised on the acknowledgement that current technology is very
likely to affect a significant change in the practice of family medicine. The purpose of this paper
is not to argue that this is necessarily a good or a bad thing but to set the stage for leaders in
family medicine to prepare themselves, the profession and the patients and the communities
they serve for the changes to come. Prepared by: Ross Upshur, BA(Hons.), MA, MD, MSc, CCFP, FRCPC