AMS is very pleased to announce our 2020 History of Medicine and Healthcare Postdoctoral Fellows and Doctoral Completion Awardees. These six talented scholars will assist Canadians in understanding our rich medical history by studying, analyzing and interpreting past practices, philosophies and epistemologies related to human health, healthcare, and disease. Their work also acts as a great source of lessons that could positively shape Canadian healthcare of the future. AMS is pleased to be Canada's main source of support for the history of medicine working to elevate its standing in the academic community and beyond. Today, the study of the history of medicine and healthcare is thriving across our country.

Ceilidh Auger-Day

Navigating Canadian healthcare before Medicare
University of Saskatchewan

Martin Beaulieu

The therapeutic use of cinema to treat mentally ill patients (1895-1950)
Université du Québec à Montréal

Matthew Davidson

Health under occupation: Haitian encounters with U.S. imperial medicine, 1915-1934
University of Miami

Kyle Falcon

Debilitated Veterans of the First World War
University of Western Ontario

Eric Story

The effect of tuberculosis on men during and after the First World War
Wilfred Laurier University

Maia Woolner

Home Bodies: Wearable healthcare technologies from 1880s to 1940s
McGill University

AMS History of Medicine and Healthcare Funding

AMS provides funding directly, through partnerships, or via organizations that administer the application process. Our goal is to raise interest in the topic, broaden the scope of research, and shape how the subject is taught. Funding is available to researchers, healthcare professionals, and students.

Postdoctoral Fellowships

This grant is for candidates embarking on full-time post-doctoral studies. It supports emerging scholars as they begin or complete projects featuring the study, analysis, and interpretation of past practices, philosophies, and/or epistemologies related to human health, healthcare, and/or disease or the education of health professionals. Two annual awards of $45,000 plus a $2,500 research and travel allowance. Applications will reopen in Spring 2021

Doctoral Completion Awards

This award is for candidates writing a dissertation full-time on a history of medicine or healthcare topic in the humanities or social sciences. Two awards of $25,000 annually. Applications will reopen in Spring 2021

Project Grants

This funding supports small-budget proposals for research projects in the history of medicine and allied disciplines, such as science and technology studies, sociology, anthropology, and classics. Up to 10,000.00 for one year. Applications will reopen in Spring 2021.

Hannah Studentships

These 4 grants of 5,500.00 annually supports research in the area of the impact of technology on the practice of medicine and the delivery of healthcare services. The project may form part of an honours thesis, MA thesis, major research paper, or an elective project. Applications will reopen in Fall of 2021. You can learn more here.