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  • Healthcare Professional Burnout and Resilience

    Is Healthcare Innovation Simply an Act of Compassion?

    Northern Ontario covers 87% of Ontario’s land mass, is inhabited by 6% of the province’s population, and has the highest rates of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, and respiratory disease in Ontario. Disease prevalence is highest in the 13% of Indigenous Northerners. Providing Northern Ontario health care in the future will be challenging as the lifestyles of…

  • Healthcare Professional Burnout and Resilience

    How I Choose to Repair the World

    I’m often asked why I do what I do. Actually, it’s rare that someone questions my decision to look after sick people as a physician. People also rarely wonder why I chose to get married or to have children. On the other hand, my academic interests – the focus of my research and educational work…

  • Launch of the Northern Lights 2018 Leadership Forum

    Last month on February 8-10, 2018, thirty-seven physicians from all parts of Northern Ontario came together for the Northern Lights 2018 Leadership Forum. The Forum was organized as a leadership educational innovation to address the isolation many physician leaders face due to the geographical challenges of living and practicing in Northern Ontario. Physician participants completed…

  • Patient Engagement

    Patient Engagement in Health Professions Admissions: Assessing Readiness for Health Professions Education

    The recent 2017 AMS Phoenix conference entitled – Bringing Compassion to Healthcare – Impact of Technology on the Delivery of Compassionate Patient-Centered Care – was an excellent conference. This was an outcome that I expected. However, an unexpected outcome for me related to the production of my Phoenix website profile videotape session which took place…

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