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  • History of Medicine

    The History of Canadian Healthcare Aid to India in 1950’s

    I came across the name of Dr. Florence Nichols while doing research for my dissertation, which examined the history of Canadian aid to India during the 1950s. You can find a link to the full dissertation on the University of Waterloo’s website. In 1955, Escott Reid, the Canadian high commissioner in New Delhi, toured southern…

  • Compassionate Care Curriculum

    Weaving Social Pediatrics Curriculum Through Residency Training to Foster Compassionate Care.

    As intrinsic as it may seem to cultivate humanistic skills during residency training, medical education often fails to maintain, and may even suppress, residents’ orientation to empathy and caring. The demands of residency training and its focus on fostering clinical expertise and technical skills sometimes comes at the sacrifice of nurturing compassionate care. This is…

  • Patient Engagement

    Patient Engagement within Health Professions Admissions Processes

    The goal of my AMS Phoenix Fellowship is to encourage patient engagement within admissions processes selecting for future health care professionals. One might say that today, patients are most commonly represented “in spirit” within admissions processes. I have chosen the term “in spirit” as the overarching goal of admissions is the selection of health care…

  • History of Medicine

    The History of Medicine and Medical Humanities Research Portal

    With the generous support of AMS, and years of hard work, we are happy to announce the creation of The History of Medicine and Medical Humanities Research Web Portal . The portal is designed to gather resources in medical humanities for students, scholars, physicians, and the general public for learning, casual exploration, fun, and research. Students in health…

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