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  • Bridging the Normal/Disabled Divide

    How disability is understood and addressed in healthcare practices has been critiqued by disability scholars and advocates for the last 30 years and yet we see little of this critique in our professional journals, websites, or conferences. The following is an edited excerpt from Chapter Two of my new book, Rehabilitation: A Post-critical Approach (Boca…

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  • AMS Hannah Chair, Susan Lamb, wins 2016 Cheiron Book Prize

    Congratulations to Dr. Susan Lamb, AMS Hannah Chair in the History of Medicine, on her recent win of the 2016 Cheiron Book Prize. Acknowledging the book’s exceptional contributions to the understanding of Adolf Meyer and the field he singularly shaped, Cheiron has awarded the 2016 Cheiron Book Prize to Susan D. Lamb (U. Ottawa) for The Pathologist of the…

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  • The Hidden Curriculum of Assessment

    Have you ever wondered what students learn from taking exams in medical school? We know they learn an enormous amount of factual content, pathophysiology and diagnostic problem solving. They study and learn all of this content for a number of legitimate reasons, the most important hopefully being that it is necessary for the care of…

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  • Can Compassion as a Way of Being Improve Healthcare

    A blog request for a compassion way of being came in as I was packing to leave for Australia, so it was on my mind as I experienced a small part of that beautiful country and the people who live there. Without one exception, every encounter I had was ‘compassionate’. Each person I met went…

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