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  • Compassion as a Way of Being

    The blog request came in as I was packing to leave for Australia, so it was on my mind as I experienced a small part of that beautiful country and the people who live there. Without one exception, every encounter I had was ‘compassionate’. Each person I met went beyond my expectations for assistance. In…

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  • AMS is proud to support the launch of the new History of Medicine Web Portal by McMaster University

    AMS is a proud supporter of the new History of Medicine and Medical Humanities web portal created by Ellen Amster, an AMS Hannah Chair, at McMaster University. The web portal is designed to gather resources in medical humanities for students, scholars, physicians, and the general public for learning, exploration, and research. Their mission is bring together…

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  • Education and the Health Professions: A Time for Radical Change?

    Where do the problems start? How words are used, issues of power, hierarchy, disrespect for different perceptions – the inability to work together in collaborative and mutually supportive ways – where does this come from? Being human isn’t easy – we just have to hear the news everyday.  But somehow, in health care, we expect…

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  • Unquestionable Truth? “People go into medicine because they are caring”

    “We all know that people enter the medical profession because they are caring.” Messages like these are pervasive at medical education conferences.  Variations on this theme were heard at both the Canadian Conference for Medical Education and at the AAMC Medical Education Meeting.  I decided that it was an assumption worth exploring in more detail…

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