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  • Change Day is coming to Ontario!

    Change Day is coming to Ontario! This fall you will have the opportunity to be part of a growing global movement that empowers individuals and teams to take actions, big or small, to make a difference in our health care system. Associated Medical Services (AMS) and Health Quality Ontario (HQO) have come together to co-sponsor…

  • Healthcare Professional Burnout and Resilience

    The Privilege of Practice

    For me, it was always Geriatric Medicine.  Therefore, it came as no surprise when I discovered only many years later that my childhood friend in Glasgow turned out to be the son of the late Bernard Isaacs, one of the true giants of modern day Geriatric Medicine. It was Bernard Isaacs who coined the phrase…

  • Patient Engagement

    Spaces and Places: Can Organizations be Compassionate?

    I don’t see patients the way I used to. By that I mean I don’t have a clinical practice where I see patients as an occupational therapist.  But, of course, I see patients. And families and caregivers. I see them in our shared spaces as I walk to my various meetings and they go to…

  • History of Medicine

    The Trials of Psychedelic Medicine: LSD Psychotherapy in the United States

    The focus of my AMS postdoctoral fellowship has been completing the manuscript for my book, “The Trials of Psychedelic Medicine: LSD Psychotherapy in the United States.” The book explores the rise and fall of research into the therapeutic potential of the psychedelic drug LSD in psychiatry from the 1950s until the 1970s. It argues that…

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