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Social Media and The AMS Phoenix 2015 Conference

With our upcoming AMS Phoenix Conference, it’s important to know how to best engage followers and supporters on social media. Here are some tips that can help you (and us) to continue the conversation online:

  1. Tweet. Tweet. TWEET!

Tweeting is the easiest way to bring the conversation online! The best way to start off is to send a tweet telling your followers that you are at the 2015 AMS Phoenix Project Conference. From there, share picture of colleagues, new friends, keynote speakers, and panels or tweet short, poignant (and often paraphrased) quotes from speakers, as well as personal reflection. With each tweet it is critical that you include the conference hashtag (#AMSPhx15). The idea is that someone who is not attending the conference could search the hashtag and get a pretty good idea of what’s happening! (Make sure you follow us too @AMSPhoenix)

Other hashtags to include (if you have room) are #MedEd (medical education), #cdnhealth (Canadian health), #hcsmca (Canadian healthcare and social media), #compassion, #caring etc.

  1. Instagram is your friend

Instagram is a great way to discover people with similar interests and share pictures – but don’t use it as a photo album! Over the course of the conference choose 2-3 pictures that you think tell the story of the conference (maybe a group picture, a picture of you with a keynote speaker, or a picture of an important quote). Again, use the hashtag #AMSPhx15! There is no character limit on Instagram, so feel free to explain why the conference and this specific picture are so poignant to you! Remember to follow us @AMSPhoenix on Instagram and tag us in pictures too.

  1. Engage with others

Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable sharing your own tweets or pictures – that’s okay! Retweeting, liking, responding to, or commenting on someone else’s tweets and pictures are all great ways to connect with others and spread our message.

  1. What about Facebook?

While Facebook is a fantastic tool for connecting with family and friends, it’s much more difficult to use as real-time conference communication tool, since (in most cases) you must be friends to see and respond to what others post. By all means, please do share with you friends and family about this conference you are attending and our vision – but for real-time reflection and dialogue I would highly recommend using Twitter instead.

I hope these tips have been helpful. If you have any questions about using social media at the conference, please feel free to contact me at

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