Phoenix Fellows and Grantees

Trisha Parsons


Principal Investigator: Dr. Trisha L. Parsons, PT, BScPT, PhD, Associate Professor School of Rehabilitation Therapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Queen’s University

Cluster Themes: Processes/resources (courses, tools, etc.) for provider wellness and resilience, and mitigation of compassion fatigue/burnout; Curriculum development to foster social and cultural dimensions of compassionate care (including indigenous ways of knowing) at all levels of education and practice.

Caring for the Next Generation of Care Providers: Building Capacity for Narrative Competence

This project aims to create a sustainable curriculum module for developing narrative competence, professional identity, and resilience among students in a master’s level entry-to practice physiotherapy education program. The Narrative Practice Seminar for entry-level MScPT students at Queen’s University, has successfully been embedded in a mandatory course within the entry-level physiotherapy curriculum at Queen’s. This project seeks to evaluate and extend this program. Goals and objectives include:

1.0. Conduct an evaluation of the Narrative Practice Seminar in order to determine:

1.1. Relationships between assessments of students’ narrative competence, student resilience, professional identity formation, patient-centred care, and evidence-based practice;

1.2. Principles and process of the curriculum delivery that are transferrable to other entry-to practice physiotherapy programs in Ontario;

1.3. Principles and process of the curriculum delivery that are transferrable to post-licensure continuing professional development offerings;

1.4. Factors associated with the sustainability of the Narrative Practice Seminar.

2. To develop rigorous assessments of narrative competence, student resilience, and professional identity formation to be piloted prospectively within future iterations of the Queen’s MScPT Narrative Practice Seminar (2017 & 2018).

3. To determine the feasibility of delivering the Narrative Practice Seminar within Queen’s University School of Nursing and other health care contexts within the province of Ontario.

4. Develop capacity among Ontario physiotherapy leaders and educators to deliver a Narrative Practice Seminar for physiotherapy students (Collaborator: Ontario Physiotherapy Association).

Trisha was a 2013 Phoenix Fellow. You can learn more about her Fellowship here.