Patients & Caregivers Take on Technology Conference

Robyn Woods

Robyn is a digital health entrepreneur with the vision, expertise, and proprietary technology to enhance quality of life for the more than one billion people affected by disability and chronic care needs worldwide.

Working at the intersections of clinical expertise, capacity-building, and technology, Robyn has reshaped local and global disability support services with Teleroo™ World, a low-cost, video-based collaboration software. As the CEO/Founder (and former Registered Speech-Language Pathologist of 20 years) of The Uncomplicated Family corporate group, her current foci are:

  • Ensuring access to personalized treatment that extends to the patient and their family in their homes and communities,
  • Ensuring safe and supportive transitions and continuity of care across people, environments and over time,
  • Sharing our learnings and experience in providing virtualized care for people with chronic care conditions,
  • Expanding clinicians’ use of Teleroo™ World through virtual reality training models, and,

Supporting governments around the world with a fiscally responsible and clinically proven method to meet the needs of children, families, and clinical communities in rural and isolated areas.

Robyn’s combined emphasis on building long-term relationships, providing leadership support and removing all barriers to access, has positioned TUF as both a home-grown Canadian and international leader in getting the best outcomes for communities in need.

Robyn and her teams have won numerous awards for their excellence in serving our most vulnerable citizens using technology. She was recently honoured for her leadership and vision, as one of Canada’s Top 10 Women Leaders in Digital Health (2019), and as Ernst and Young’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year award for the prairie provinces (2016).

Robyn lives in Calgary, Alberta with her partner, Brandon Woods. Together, they are co-parents to five amazing young people.