Phoenix Fellows and Grantees

Marion Briggs

2013 AMS Phoenix Fellow
Co-sponsor Organization
Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Research Theme
Self-Identity, Curriculum , Work Environments

The Social Nature of Practice: A Neglected Conversation in Person-centred Care and Interprofessional Collaboration”

This Fellowship focused on designing mechanisms through which clinicians and health professional students could explore and understand “practice” as an ongoing series of complex responsive processes that include process domains related to what is “best” practice, what is “fitting” for particular patients and contexts, and what healthcare providers are “able” to do as clinical decisions are enacted. Compassionate, collaborative, person-centred care occurs in the intersections of these three domains. This work honors traditional science, but critiques the tendency for a primary emphasis on “best” practice (often thought to be a-contextual), with less attention to relevant (fitting) practice that takes context and values into account, and what, in the end, we are “able” to do in the emergent, cooperative and contested, predictable and unpredictable world of healthcare – a profoundly moral and human social enterprise.


  • Development of a ‘proof-of-concept’ longitudinal curriculum for the Psychiatry Residency program at NOSM based on this model of practice has been the focus of year two of this Fellowship. The curriculum includes all residents, all years, in resident-led, faculty facilitated reflective practice sessions and an annual all-resident multi-station team objective structured clinical examination (TOSCE).
  • Exploration of expansion of the curriculum to other post-graduate medical education programs.
  • Several presentations of this work in local and international contexts, one publication, with two additional papers under development.