Phoenix Fellows and Grantees

Dr. James Shaw

2018 Phoenix Project Fellow
Co-sponsor Organization
Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care

Understanding the Implications of Artificial Intelligence and Related Technologies for Healthcare Policy and Practice

This project involves bringing a “responsible innovation” perspective to the recent interest in artificial intelligence (AI) in health care, examining how applications of AI can be deployed in ways that protect the integrity of patients and health systems. Responsible innovation is an approach that encourages innovators to engage a wide range of stakeholders in thinking through the implications of a particular innovation, including unintended consequences. The goal is to innovate in ways that are socially responsible, and bring about a desired future for all stakeholders as opposed to a fortunate few. Through this AMS Phoenix Fellowship project, I will complete a literature review that documents the ethical issues underlying applications of AI in health care, and conduct qualitative interviews with a range of stakeholders about the ways in which AI might impact health care. This fellowship project will culminate in a white paper for a general audience, academic publications, a larger grant application and a gathering of a community of individuals with interest in this topic.