Phoenix Fellows and Grantees

Janet Lovegrove

2012 AMS Phoenix Fellow
Co-sponsor Organization
McMaster University
Research Theme
Self-Identity, Curriculum, Work Environments

Bringing Transformational Change to Healthcare

The team at McMaster is engaged in pioneering work focused on bringing valuable options related to the self-care and self-identity of caring professionals, creating curriculum and program development and funding acquisition to draw and build on a wide range of interested educational/community partners. Fifty-six undergraduate nursing students had the opportunity to participate in full-day Life Process Transformation™ (LPT) workshops. Participants were given the time and space to share openly their challenges and stressors without feeling inadequate or judged. Many commented that the content of the LPT workshop helped them cope more effectively with their educational and future career challenges (i.e. staying resilient and avoiding burnout) and encouraged the system to find ways to incorporate the full 16-week (3hr/week) LPT program into undergraduate and graduate programs. Interested full-time nursing faculty participated in both full-day workshops and 16-week LPT programs (n=10).

There is strong recognition that the University has a key role to play in taking on a vital ambassadorial role to help students nurture their self awareness and inner resources so that they may better navigate the responsibilities and demands in academic settings and future workplace environments. Faculty participants acknowledged that interested and willing faculty would also benefit from engaging in a process to enhance their own inner growth and self-care and their ability to role model these practices for their students. Professional groups from other organizations have expressed an interest in becoming trained to deliver the LPT program in diverse educational and community settings.