Phoenix Fellows and Grantees

Dr. Edward Spilg

2016 Phoenix Project Fellow
Co-sponsor Organization
University of Ottawa
Research Theme
Physician Empathy, Physician Wellness

Improving Physician Empathy, Compassionate Care and Wellness Through the Development of Resilience-Building Communities of Practice and Creating a Culture of Empathy

The goal of my Fellowship is to study how physicians can learn and practice compassionate care and in so doing, to develop a greater understanding of physician empathy, wellness and professional identity.

The project aims to explore the level of empathy, burnout and resilience amongst academic physicians, to study the association between physician professional identity and the ability to provide empathetic care, to understand how physician culture relates to professional identity, physician empathy and wellness and in so doing, to explore how a culture of empathy through engagement and wellness initiatives might be created. A key outcome is to learn how to reach out to colleagues and understand their needs and begin to develop strategies to address their needs in the areas of improving empathy, reducing burnout and building resilience.