Phoenix Fellows and Grantees

Dr. Tina Martimianakis

2017 Phoenix Project Fellow
Co-sponsor Organization
University of Toronto

Surviving Workplace Transformation Enabling Compassionate Discourse in Organizational Change.

My AMS fellowship aims to understand the unintended effects of organizational reform and how to best support health professionals to navigate competing priorities in their work, which when left unresolved often lead to burnout and disengagement. I will do this by combining research on the hidden curriculum and identity formation with compassionate organizational change strategies.

My AMS Fellowship will focus on enabling faculty and learners to navigate competing change mandates without compromising compassionate self-care. I will do this by  creating research projects specifically designed to intercede and inform current imperatives for workplace transformation; creating opportunities for learners and patients to participate as compassionate change agents in workplace transformation projects; developing and delivering skill building workshops for faculty and educational leaders to enhance their capacity to lead organizational change with compassion; introduce compassionate care indicators to evaluate work place transformations that take into consideration faculty, learner and patient experiences and linking faculty and learners to the broader AMS Phoenix community through initiatives aimed at facilitating organizational change.