Phoenix Fellows and Grantees

Dr. Kristen Jones-Bonofiglio

2017 Phoenix Project Fellow
Co-sponsor Organization
Lakehead University

Self-Compassion as the Foundation for Well-Being & Compassionate Care

Caring work requires compassion, with the roots of this word indicating that we are willing to ‘suffer with.’ Nurses often have a close proximity to suffering and therefore experience profoundly difficult practice realities. These complex emotional burdens can lead to moral residue and moral injury. In this Fellowship, we will explore self-compassion as the foundation for well-being and compassionate care and ways to nurture and sustain resilience. Specifically, working with nursing students, nursing faculty, and clinical instructors, this project will involve focus groups, a visiting scholar presentation, and the development of digital stories on teaching and learning compassion. Finally, a report will be developed highlighting recommendations for responsive curricula on compassionate nursing care for self and others.

Dr. Jones-Bonofiglio began her nursing career on in-patient medical units in acute care and in provincial correctional institutions for adult males and youths. She began part-time clinical instructing for Lakehead University in 2006 and attended graduate school while working as a nursing simulation lab coordinator and lecturer, finally becoming an assistant professor in 2015. In July 2016, she became the 4th Director of Lakehead University’s Centre for Health Care Ethics. Her teaching expertise is in mental health and addictions, leadership, and ethics. Her scholarship activities are diverse and include: mental health and well-being, moral distress and moral injury, resilience, ethics, simulation, flipped (blended) learning, narrative inquiry and storytelling, and palliative/end-of-life care. She is the proud parent of four adult children (1 daughter, 1 son, 2 step-daughters) and grandmother to one special little boy.