Phoenix Fellows and Grantees

Dr. James Goertzen

2017 Phoenix Project Fellow
Co-sponsor Organization
Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Developing Northern Ontario Compassionate Physician Leaders: A Pathway to Compassionate Care

Northern Ontario is a large geographical area with a low population density, isolated communities, and high burden of disease. Improving the health of Northern Ontario at individual and system levels will require committed and well trained health care leaders who see their clinical, educational, and leadership work through a compassionate lens. The overall goal of my AMS Phoenix Fellowship is to further develop and sustain the compassionate physician leadership required to support learning and practice of compassionate care in Northern Ontario

There is limited literature exploring the relationship between compassionate leadership and the practice of compassionate patient care and compassionate health care education.  My Phoenix Fellowship goals will be to (i) explore the relationships between compassionate leadership and both patient care and educational practice, (ii) engage patients and families in understanding the qualities of health care leaders that would support compassionate care, (iii) create faculty development strategies and activities to support compassionate physician leadership in clinical and academic settings, (iv) further develop a network of compassionate physician leaders, (v) advance student and resident educational activities to support compassionate leadership development.  Leadership development and networking activities will be integrated along with being linked across the educational continuum from undergraduate to postgraduate to faculty and professional development.  Attention to patient perspectives have focused on care, not leadership processes, and my Phoenix Fellowship will bring this unique perspective into the conversation.