Phoenix Fellows and Grantees

Dr. Deborah Tregunno

2015 AMS Phoenix Fellows
Co-sponsor Organization
Queen's University
Research Theme
Self-Identity and Education

“Courage to Nurse: The Development of Self-Identity and Compassionate Care”

Compassion and technological competence are often seen as contradictory nursing identities. In today’s practice settings, nurses are judged on their technical competence and the delivery of efficient care. At the same time, others argue that the hallmark of nursing is the delivery of compassionate care that reflects the dignity and value of all persons. Although much has been written about the historical perspective of nursing and the increased importance of the technologically competent nurse its implication for the development of self-identity and the courage to deliver compassionate care is not well understood.

The “Courage to Nurse” project explores the question: How do scientific and technological advancements, changing approaches to nursing education, and professionalism influence the development of nurses’ self-identity and the delivery of compassionate care? This project is exploring the complex question of what influences the development of self-identity among today’s nurses, and how to ensure that both formal and hidden curricula support nurses to sustain the delivery of compassionate care. During the first year of the fellowship, historical and contemporary nurse narratives will be collected and analyzed to understand factors that influence the development of nurses’ self-identity in relation to technology and compassionate care.