Phoenix Fellows and Grantees

Dr. Andrea Frolic

2015 AMS Phoenix Fellows
Co-sponsor Organization
Hamilton Health Sciences
Research Theme
Self-Identity, Cirriculum , Work Environments

“Compassion 360: Transforming Hospital Culture Through Mindfulness and Compassion”

Given the emerging neuroscientific research about the “contagious” nature of human emotions, it seems reasonable that healthcare personnel (HCPs) are more likely to be compassionate towards patients and families if they work in a compassionate work environment. In such an environment, compassion flows not just from HCP to patient, but in 360 degrees: between interprofessional colleagues, managers, clients/patients/families, senior leaders, and towards oneself.

As a Phoenix fellow, I propose to engage in a range of interconnected innovative programs that will begin to give shape to this Compassion 360 vision at HHS. Over the two years, with the support of a Compassion 360 advisory team, I plan to integrate mindfulness and compassion at four levels within my healthcare organization: 1) professional development and self-care; 2) leadership practices; 3) teamwork; 4) the patient experience. This will be accomplished through educational programs/courses and communities of practice, and through engaging in research (both qualitative and quantitative) to explore ways to measure the impact of these activities. The ultimate goal of Compassion 360 is to develop work environments that promote resilience, health, mutual respect, collaboration and compassionate person-centred care.