AMS 2019 Annual Conference

Claire Dawe-McCord

Claire Dawe-McCord is the Co-Chair of the Steering committee for the Kids Come First/ Les Enfants Avant Tout OHT, was an inaugural member of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Patient and Family Advisory Council, and has worked as a patient advisor for seven years. Claire is passionate about patient engagement, transitions of care, rare disease, and healthcare policy.

Starting at the age of nine, Claire began experiencing what seemed like unrelated symptoms – it wasn’t until 16 that everything came to a critical point and she was admitted to the hospital with multi-organ failure of unknown etiology. During her many months of recovery, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare genetic neuromuscular disorder and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder. Through her lived experience as a young patient with a number of complex medical conditions, Claire brings a unique perspective to the world of patient advocacy.

Her experience in health care and love of science has led Claire to pursue a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree at McMaster University. It is her wish to one day to become a physician.

Claire has worked as an advisor for the CHEO youth forum, CHEO Research Institute PFAC, Ontario Structured Psychotherapy Program, Critical Care Services Ontario’s PREF – FSICU project, the Champlain LHIN’s Pediatric Planning Project, and as a guest lecturer about best practices for adolescent health care at the University of Ottawa.