AMS 80th Anniversary Symposium

Bruce Rosen

Bruce Rosen is the Director of the Smokler Center for Health Policy Research–a Division of the Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute. His recent research foci have included Israeli mental health reform, efforts to monitor and improve quality of care, health information exchanges, and the cross-national flow of health policy innovations. An important component of Bruce’s work involves promoting linkages between research and health policy development. Bruce is the lead author of the European Observatory’s country report for Israel and The Commonwealth Fund’s profile of the Israeli health care system. He recently co-edited the World Scientific book, Accountability and Responsibility in Health Care: Issues in Addressing an Emerging Global Challenge, which combined conceptual contributions from leading international scholars with local reports on how eight different health systems are addressing the accountability/responsibility challenge. Bruce is co-editor of the Israel Journal of Health Policy Research, which seeks to promote intensive intellectual interactions between scholars from Israel and their counterparts from around the world. As someone who spent the first half of his life in the U.S. and the second half in Israel, Bruce has always enjoyed facilitating cross-national learning opportunities between the two countries. In recent years, he has come to see that he can also be helpful in creating bridges with health systems in other countries as well. Bruce holds a B.A. in economics from Harvard College and a doctorate in health policy from the Harvard School of Public Health.