Phoenix Fellows and Grantees

Ayelet Kuper


Principal Investigator: Ayelet Kuper, MD, DPhil, FRCPC, Scientist and Associate Director (Fellowship), Wilson Centre, University Health Network/University of Toronto (U of T); Staff Physician, Division of General Internal Medicine, Sunnybrook Hospital; Associate Professor, Department of Medicine (DOM), Faculty of  Medicine, University of Toronto.

Cluster Theme: Curriculum development to foster social and cultural dimensions of compassionate care (including indigenous ways of knowing) at all levels of education and practice.

An Integrated Spiral Curriculum Across the Medical Education Continuum to Support the Understanding and Delivery of, and Advocacy for, Compassionate, Person-Centred Care

Building on the success of prior work, this 2 year project will consolidate work to date into a unified curriculum that spirals across the continuum of medical education from Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) through Post Graduate Medical Education (PGME) to Faculty Development. Recognizing the expertise, curricular control, and legitimacy of our rapidly growing network of collaborators locally and provincially, as well as the ongoing need by health professions faculties to be seen to be teaching the non-Medical Expert CanMEDS Roles, our objectives are:

  • to identify existing curricular content, map out conceptual gaps, and fill those gaps, in order to create and implement within a Faculty of Medicine (University of Toronto) an integrated spiral curriculum from UME through PGME to FacDev that encompasses the key concepts supporting the understanding and delivery of, and advocacy for, compassionate, person-centred care (focusing for clerkship/PGME on teaching within the University of Toronto’s Department of Medicine (DOM));
  • to propagate adapted versions of that unified spiral curriculum into the training carried out by other Departments at U of T, other Faculties of Medicine, and other health professional training programs across Ontario (and eventually beyond);
  • to continue to capture our activities within our rigorous program evaluation process.

Ayelet was a 2012 AMS Phoenix Fellow. You can read more about her Fellowship work here.