Phoenix Fellows and Grantees

Ayelet Kuper


Principal Investigator: Ayelet Kuper, MD, DPhil, FRCPC, Graduate AMS Phoenix Fellow, Scientist and Associate Director, Wilson Centre for Research in Education, University Health Network/University of Toronto (UofT); Staff Physician, Division of General Internal Medicine, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre; Associate Professor & Co-Lead, Person-Centred Care Education, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, UofT.

Assessment and Evaluation of Medical Education for Compassionate, Person-Centred Care

We now know quite a bit about the kinds of things we need to teach doctors in order to promote compassionate, person-centred care. Sometimes that involves learning concrete facts or ideas, but often the things they need to learn are more abstract. For example, doctors in training need to come to terms with their own power in society and how that makes their life experiences different from many other people’s, they need to be able to question the assumptions they make about people, and they need to learn to recognize when things around them are unfair in ways that affect their patients so they can try to make them better. Unfortunately, while we are starting to understand how to teach these things, we still don’t know how to tell if individuals doctors have learned them and thus if our teaching has been effective; the goal of this grant is to figure out how to do that. This grant is a continuation of a previous AMS funded Fellowship and Grant, both with the goal of creating  curriculum to support the understanding and delivery of, and advocacy for, compassionate, person-centred care.