Phoenix Fellows and Grantees

Lloy Wylie


Principal Investigator: Dr. Lloy Wylie, BA, MA, PhD, Assistant Professor, Schulich Interfaculty Program in Public Health, Western University

Cluster Themes: Processes that embody patient experience / Patient Voice as Resources for Learning; Curriculum Development for Social and Cultural Dimensions of Compassionate Care; Resources and online tools to support providers in delivering compassionate care.

Educating for Equity: Building Capacity for Compassionate Care

The overall aim of this project is to advance compassionate care through creating educational initiatives and practice supports that provide resources and tools on health equity. Our initiatives address priority populations, including Indigenous, immigrant and refugee and other diverse communities. Initial service areas will include mental health, pediatrics, cancer care and diabetes, engaging across the spectrum of prevention through treatment and recovery.

There are new mandates on health equity being introduced through Health Quality Ontario and through Public Health Ontario. These new expectations have created an imperative for health care organizations to develop ways to address and evaluate their efforts to advance health equity within their organizations. This has created an opportunity for the AMS fellows to situate our work to support organization wide developments to advance health equity, which is a key element to ensuring compassionate care for all population groups. Consolidating the work of our various AMS Phoenix project initiatives provides an opportunity for creating a more long-term impact across health services and training in Southwestern Ontario, through bringing together a range of educators and service providers across the spectrum of care.