The Patient and Caregiver Take on Technology Conference is about you, your family and loved ones.  Sharing your lived expertise, your time and your insights. This is just the beginning. Follow along using the hashtag #TakeonTech2020 for on-going updates.


  • Describe digital technology and the key drivers behind the introduction of digital healthcare.
  • Discuss how technological innovations in healthcare will change patient and caregivers and their relationship with healthcare providers. What are the benefits and risks? What are some key critical issues that need to be addressed (e.g. ethics, privacy, equity)?
  • Provide opportunities for participants to learn from Pan-Canadian experiences in digital technology.
  • Discuss the cultural changes required so that healthcare professional, patients and caregivers can be true partners in a digital healthcare age.
  • Define principles and characteristics for a digital health system that will empower patients, families and caregivers and ensure patients as partners.
  • Identify supports (knowledge, skills and resources) needed for patients and caregivers to make the most of digital health technologies.
  • Describe next steps on how patients and caregivers can engage with their communities and providers to ensure meaningful patient engagement across the continuum of care.