SE Health and AMS Healthcare join in a four-year collaboration for a new home care model, the H.O.P.E. Model®

SE Health and AMS Healthcare are collaborating on a four- year project to implement an innovative model of home and community care.  The Hope Initiative will create a Living Lab where the H.O.P.E. Model® and emerging technologies will be piloted with approximately 1,000 clients, their families and neighbourhoods, and a team of nurses. The H.O.P.E. Model® was created by SE Health based on international best practices and more than a century of community nursing expertise.

Inspired by the Netherland’s Buurtzorg neighbourhood care model, the H.O.P.E. Model® has been adapted for and pilot tested within the Canadian health care system, and is now poised to become a major transformation and system change.

The H.O.P.E. Model® is aligned with a global movement that is transforming community nursing from a transactional model, to a more empowered, efficient and person/family centered model. A number of innovations and digital tools will help create seamless communications and coordination across the circle of care for clients and their families.  Over the next four years AMS and SE Health will partner to further evaluate and refine the H.O.P.E Model® and position it for spread and scale in Ontario.

“This is about life care, not home care. It is a return to how community nurses worked in Canada and around the world 30 years ago,” says Shirlee Sharkey, President and CEO of SE Health.

Given the global shift underway from a focus on providers and institutions as the dominant model of healthcare delivery, to a focus on caring for people and their families in the community, the AMS Healthcare and SE Health partnership aims to maximize compassion in Ontario healthcare in an era of system redesign and emerging technology.

“We’re committed to supporting new care delivery models that are enabled by technology and that safeguard compassionate, humanistic care in our rapidly evolving healthcare system,” said Gail Paech, CEO of AMS Healthcare.

On May 8th 2019, SE Health and AMS Healthcare are partnering with the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement to convene home care organizations, health professionals, policy makers, funders, patients and family caregivers, from across Canada and globally for an “Empowered Home Care Summit.” The summit will further explore how to adapt and spread the H.O.P.E. Model®, and other similar models of home care at scale.