New 2018 AMS/RNAO Fellows Announced!

TORONTO, ON, September 20, 2018 – AMS Healthcare is pleased to announce the new 2018 AMS/RNAO Fellows. Recipients of the AMS/RNAO Fellowship will focus on building workplace skills to provide humane, compassionate and person-centred care.  AMS Healthcare is leading the way when it comes to advancing compassionate care within the healthcare community, aiming to instill and sustain compassion in the environments in which health professionals learn and work. RNAO (Registered Nurses Association of Ontario) is the professional association representing registered nurses, nurse practitioners and nursing students in the province of Ontario, Canada. RNAO provides a strong and credible voice for the nursing profession to influence and promote healthy public policy.

The three recipients of the 2018 AMS/RNAO Fellowships are:

#1. Dr. Lisa-Anne Hagerman,  Conestoga College

Understanding Self-compassion and Compassionate Care and Facilitating its Development in Nursing Students

#2. Steve Cairns, Nippising University

Exploring a curricular shift towards relational practice: equipping online educators and students for a human-focused future

#3.  Neala Hoad, St Joseph’s Healthcare

Humanizing Palliative and End of Life Care In Critical Care