Dr. Abbyann Day Lynch 1928 – 2019

AMS is sad to report the passing of Dr. Abbyann D. Lynch, C.M., O.Ont., L.M.S., Ph.D., LL.D (Hon.), D.S.L. (Hon.) 1928 – 2019. President, Associated Medical Services 1997- 2002 and founding Director of Bioethics, Sick Kids Hospital

Dr. Lynch, a Toronto scholar, made a unique contribution toward the establishment of bioethics as a recognized discipline within the health sciences in Canada and elsewhere in the world. She bore singular responsibility for helping to ensure that health professionals in Canada and other parts of the world were educated in the principles of bioethics in order to provide more sensitive, compassionate and ethically appropriate care to the sick and their families. Lynch was a founder of the Canadian Bioethics Society and a charter member of the National Council in Bioethics in Human Research.  The Abbyann D. Lynch Medal in Bioethics was established in 2001 by the Royal Society of Canada and AMS, to honor her many achievements and contributions as a bioethicist. Her academic appointments were many, as were her honourary degrees and awards, including the Order of Canada.

See Dr. Lynch’s obituary for additional information and to provide condolences.