Applications Closed: Patients & Caregivers Take on Technology Conference

Thank you for your interest in the Patients & Caregivers Take on Technology Conference. The application deadline has now passed.  Selected applicants will be notified via email before the end of January. Please watch this space for further updates and information for Livestreaming the conference!



AMS Healthcare, the Ontario Caregiver OrganizationThe Change Foundation and the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement are pleased to announce that applications are now being accepted for a one-day conference focused on providing patients and caregivers an opportunity to define their expectations for quality compassionate care in a digital healthcare system.

Patients, family and caregivers are being recruited to attend the conference via an open call, with travel costs covered. While the conference will be conducted in English, the application is available in both English and French.

The Patient and Caregivers Take on Technology  Conference is happening at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, downtown Toronto, March 24, 2020. The conference will run from 9 am to 4pm. Please be sure that you available during this time period, before you apply.

The English application can be found here.

The French application can be found here.

About the Conference:

Rapid advances in technology will change healthcare over the next decade. How and where patients are cared for will be transformed, and the expectation patients have of the healthcare system and their physicians will continue to change. Healthcare jurisdictions across the country will be challenged to deliver digitally integrated healthcare and fully accessible as well as interoperable healthcare information.

Patients & Caregivers Take on Technology has been co-designed with a steering committee comprised of patients, family, caregivers and partner organizations and will be a Patients Included™ event.  The conference will bring together approximately 100 patients, family and caregivers from different regions and populations (and with varied health care experiences) from across Ontario and Canada. Conference attendees will discuss and identify key recommendations and critical success factors for ensuring the meaningful utilization of digital health services & technology to support seamless and high-quality patient, family, and caregiver partnered care.