AMS Healthcare Announces a New Strategic Direction

AMS Healthcare recognizes that technology will change healthcare over the next decade in ways that we can only begin to imagine today. What it means to care for patients is being transformed, along with expectations about how, where and from whom people access the services that they need. As the pace of change accelerates the opportunities will be tremendous, but the journey ahead will be complex and no part of the healthcare sector will be left untouched.

As AMS considers its own role amidst these changes, it is redoubling its commitment to sustain the learning and practice of compassionate care, and to champion the transformative impact of technology on the ‘human side’ of healthcare.

With its 2018-21 Strategic Aims, AMS took the first step toward this goal, narrowing its strategic focus squarely on compassion in a technological world with three interrelated directions: 1. promoting the education and practice of compassionate care, 2. fostering new models of compassionate care delivery and 3. facilitating the leadership needed to realize the promise of technology while safeguarding humanistic care in fast-evolving sectors. Now AMS is embarking on a plan to bring these directions to life, setting an ambitious agenda for the coming year that will shape its investment decisions and introduce new tactics to advance innovation and enable new compassionate health systems and care models.

To learn more about our plans for 2019 and beyond, you can download: Compassion in a Technological World Advancing AMS’ Strategic Aims.