2107 Boyd Upper Award Winners Announced

AMS and Queen’s University are proud to announce the 2017 Boyd Upper Award recipients.

Hissan Butt, Prabhpreet Kaur Hundal and Adam Mosa have won the award based on outstanding achievement in history of medicine research within the Faculty of Health at Queen’s University.  The winners submitted scholarly research papers on the history of medicine and have had their papers accepted for presentation at a scholarly meeting.

Hissan Butt wrote The Roots of Competency Based Medical Education in Canada: Educating the Future Physicians of Ontario (EFPO) and the 1986 Doctors’ Strike;  Prabhpreet Kaur Hundal,  Applying for an Abortion: The History of the Therapeutic Abortion Committee at Kingston General Hospital, 1970-1988; and Adam Mosa,  The Interwoven History of Mercury Poisoning in Ontario and Japan. In 2017 Adam Mosa was invited to present his paper at the Canadian Society for the History of Medicine Conference and his paper was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Established in 1988, The Boyd Upper Award recognizes the many contributions of Dr. Upper (Queen’s Meds 1958) to AMS and the history of medicine in Canada. Dr. Upper was a member of the AMS Board of Directors from 1976 until 1995, becoming President and CEO in 1996. The prize allows recipients to attend medical conferences, namely the History of Medicine Days in Calgary.

For more information on this award please contact: Anne Avery, Director of Communications, AMS at 416-924-3368.