2017 Donald Wilson Award Winner Announced

Associated Medical Services CEO, Gail Paech, was pleased to introduce the 2017 Donald Wilson Award winner, Dr. Karen Saperson at the recently held ICRE Awards Dinner.

The Award recognizes a medical educator or team leader who has shown particular excellence in integrating the CanMEDS roles in a health-related training program. Dr. Saperson is a Professor and Associate Chair, Education in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Neuroscience at McMaster University.

Recognizing the importance of fostering leadership skills early on during residency, Dr. Saperson led a leadership community of practice for senior residents interested in enhancing their relationship-management skills and scholarly output. She mentored a group of residents and nurses who teamed up to research how well they understood each other’s roles in the setting of the psychiatric emergency room. Their results uncovered communication breakdowns due to perceived hierarchy and differing perceptions, which could have significant impacts on patient care. The residents and nurses bolstered their personal publication records and presentation skills by publishing and presenting their work as a conference abstract at the Royal College’s International Conference on Residency Education. In the broader context of medical education, their work highlighted just how valuable CanMEDS Collaborator and Communicator competencies can be in developing shared understandings of interprofessional roles.

“Her support of the career development of new faculty is outstanding and quite frankly worth an award in itself.” – Dr. Alan J. Neville.

AMS is proud to recognize Dr. Saperson and all of her achievements. For more details about the award you can visit the Royal College website.