Compassionate Care Curriculum

2016 AMS Phoenix Conference … “It’s a wrap!”

Another year of conference planning is wrapped up as we say good bye to the 2016 AMS Phoenix Conference.  In mid-November, over a 100 healthcare educators, clinicians, researchers, students, administrators and policy makers of all disciplines came together around the common goals of advancing compassion in the healthcare system.  The AMS Phoenix mission of Nurturing and sustaining learning and practice of compassionate care resonated through all of the discussions and participants were asked to describe “What is Compassion?” which generated diverse, but related descriptors.


Speakers focused on the five key themes that we believe will advance compassionate care – Patient/Family Voice, Collaboration, Resilience, Technology and Patient Outcomes.  We explored issues of the dilemma of representation with patients and families; what does it mean for teams to collaborate; what is the best evidence for supporting resilience to work stress in health care providers; and how to begin to address the apparent disconnect between compassion and technology.  Core to the discussion of these themes was implications for educational curriculum for the health disciplines, and how can these impact clinical practice to improve the experience of compassionate care for patients and families in our health care system.  Over the next year, AMS Phoenix is committed to developing these themes further into a document that will set out AMS Phoenix’s perspective on what compassionate care is, and why and how it is important.  Not to be all serious though, participants also took time out to celebrate the 2014 AMS Phoenix Fellows at a “graduation” dinner (insert a photo here?).  “It’s a wrap!”

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